Test to Release Day-5 (RT-PCR Emergency) [Medical Centre]

For Partially/Non-Vaccinated passengers arriving into the UK from Amber list countries.

Results will in 3-6 Hours after sample deposit at the Medical Centre.

For Travellers, please enter your Passport Number.

If you require a fit to fly certificate and do not provide your passport number, the certificate will not be valid for travelling.

1. Book your test appointment.
2. Visit our Medical Centre, we will give you a swab to deposit your sample.
3. Email will be sent when Results and certificate ready on the Results Portal

Our Location:                                                                           

FLAT 23, Dunnock House, Hendon, London NW9 7DR , United Kingdom     

Monday to Friday 9AM to 3PM , Saturday & Sunday 9AM to 1PM

84A Albert Road, Welling borough, Northampton shire, NN8 1EJ, United Kingdom

Monday to Friday 9AM to 3PM , Saturday & Sunday 9AM to 1PM

West Felton Stores, Oswestry SY11 4EH, United Kingdom

Monday to Saturday  7AM to 8PM ,  Sunday  7AM to 5PM

Flexspace Park House, Unit 11, Gate 1, 15-19 Greenhill Crescent, Watford WD18 8PH, United Kingdom

Monday to Friday 9AM to 3PM , Saturday 9AM to 1PM, Sunday Closed

Note : You have to visit our one of  above location once you have booked your test.

Day 5 test and release : This is the one which, when you get your negative result, will allow you to leave quarantine. For obvious reasons, this cannot be taken before Day 5. You Do NOT receive a booking reference number for this test.